The Toasted Goat Winery

The Toasted Goat Winery

Wine Descriptions​​​​​​​

A sweet, easy drinking, light white wine. 
2.5% rs, 12% abv., $18.99

Three Hot Blondes
White merlot with strawberry.
5% rs, 10% abv., $16.99

Shiraz with dragonfruit & a hint of raspberry.
4.5% rs, 9% abv., $16.99

Steam Engine Red
Merlot with the sweetness of black raspberries.
2.5% rs, 11% abv., $16.99

Steeple White
Pinot Grigio with subtle hints of pineapple and pear.
1% rs, 12% abv., $17.99

Steeple Red
Light bodied oaked Cabernet Sauvignon with slight hints of blackberries.
12% abv., $16.99

Fall Harvest
Apple wine with hints of cinnamon spice.
5% rs, 10% abv., $16.99

Chocolate Covered Raspberries
Dessert wine.
10% rs, 16% abv., $18.99

Steam Engine White
Fume Blanc slightly oaked with a crisp finish.
5% rs, 11% abv., $16.99

Red Sangria with hints of raspberries and peach.
3.5% rs, 7% abv., $16.99

Full-bodied oaked white with hints of fruity flavors.
12% abv., $18.99

Cabernet Sauvignon
Full-bodied oaked Cabernet Sauvignon with hints of pepper and fruit tones.
12% abv., $23.99

Pinot Noir
Deep red wine with a fruit bouquet and smooth finish.
12% abv., $18.99

Old 734 Blend
Full-bodied, rich colored oaked blend. 
12% abv., $21.99

1309 Blend
Medium-bodied fruit forward blend with hints of spice.
12% abv., $21.99

Depot Dark
Pinot Noir/Cabernet oaked blend producing a surprisingly tasty wine.
12% abv., $21.99

The Goatfather
Chianti wine with hints of cherry, plum, and fig.
14% abv., $23.99

Depot Light
White Zinfandel with flavors of exotic fruits.
2.5% rs, 11% abv., $15.99

Petite Sirah
Dark wine with flavors of berries and spice
12% abv., $20.99

Tart & Earthy with a honey-like sweetness
12% abv., $20.99

Wine Distributors
Pick up The Toasted Goat wines from any of these fine retailers:
Allegany County Distributors 
1812 Brewery
13006 Mason Road, Cumberland, MD
Liberty Liquors
1253 National Highway, LaVale, MD
Locust Post Farm Brewery
31706 Old Adams Road, Little Orleans, MD
Ridge Rider Campground
31661 Green Forest Dr, Little Orleans, MD
Western Maryland Scenic Railroad
Canal Place, Cumberland, MD

Garrett County Distributors 
Chestnut Ridge Gas & Liquor
2534 Chestnut Ridge Road, Grantsville, MD
McHenry Beverage Shoppe
24465 Garrett Hwy, McHenry, MD
O.M.G. Relax and Gifts
1550 Deep Creek Drive, McHenry, MD
17869 Garrett Hwy, Oakland, MD​​​​​​​
We are always looking for new retailers to carry our wine. If you would like more information please call (301) 268-3010.
Label Artwork
Our unique wines feature labels hand-painted by Jessica McNalley - check them out below!
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