About Us

About Us

As one of Maryland’s newest wineries we are glad you have taken the time to stop in and say hello. Wine has always been one of our fondest enjoyments, so after 20 years of making wine for ourselves, we decided to finally take the plunge and open our own winery. With a lot of help and encouragement from our good buddy Chuck Park at Charis Winery, our dream has finally come to fruition. Our goal is to make a variety of wines from fun and fruity to big bold reds and hearty whites for everyone to enjoy.

What’s With The Name?

One evening as Kristan and I were sitting on the couch enjoying a bottle of Bully Hill Vineyards Love My Goat wine while watching The Five Year Engagement, a Bed & Breakfast called the Drunken Pig was featured. At that moment, Toasted Goat popped into my head and our name was born. The next day we ran the name by some of our friends and they loved it.

The Hotel Gunter

The Hotel Gunter has a rich and colorful history. A landmark on Frostburg’s Main Street, the building is a three-story masonry structure featuring multiple hipped dormers, and second- and third-story balconies. When it first opened in 1897, the hotel had a café, a barbershop, and a room where traveling salesmen could exhibit their merchandise. In the early years, there were also tennis courts, an observatory, and a petting zoo complete with a tame fawn.

Hotel Gunter featured a subterranean jail where prisoners being transported down Route 40 would spend the night while the federal marshals accompanying them enjoy the upstairs accommodations. During Prohibition, the cellar held a speakeasy where patrons could partake in a bit of illegal liquor and illicit entertainment.

Shop Local

The downtown Frostburg area has recently begun to bustle with activity with nearly a dozen new businesses opening over the past two years. We hope you take time to enjoy all that Frostburg has to offer from the many restaurants to the small specialty shops. We are sure you will find something to enjoy and would love to tell you all about them.