Old 734 Blend (12% ABV) Full bodied, richly colored oaked blend. Pairs well with steak and pasta.
Steeple Red (12% ABV)
Light bodied oaked Cabernet Sauvignon with slight hints of blackberries. Pairs well with beef and pasta.
Petit Sirah (12% ABV)
Bold, tannic fruity wine that pairs well with a wide variety of dishes from meats and stews to barbecue.
Depot Dark (12% ABV)
Pinot Noir/Cabernet oaked blend producing a surprisingly tasty wine that goes well  with most hearty dishes.
Pinot Noir (12% ABV) Deep Red wine with a fruity bouquet and smooth finish. Pairs well with salmon, roast chicken and pasta.
Chardonnay (12% ABV)
Full-bodied oaked white with hints of fruity flavors. Pairs well with shellfish,
chicken and pasta.
The Goatfather (14% ABV) Chianti style wine with hints of cherry, plum and fig. Pairs well with pastas and other hearty dishes.
Cabernet Sauvignon (12% ABV) Full bodied oaked Cabernet Sauvignon with hints of pepper and fruit tones. Pairs well with beef and pasta.
1309 Blend (12% ABV)
Medium bodied fruit forward blend with hints of spice. Pairs well with steak and pasta.
(5.0% RS • 10% ABV) White Merlot and strawberries, how could we go wrong? Pairs well with spicy Latin food, smoked cheeses and lamb.
Steeple White (1.0% RS • 12% ABV) Pinot Grigio with subtle hints of pineapple and pear. Pairs well with seafood and fish.
Steam Engine Red (2.5% RS • 11% ABV) Merlot with the sweetness of black raspberries. Pairs well with steak, chicken and pork.
(2.5% RS • 7% ABV) Raspberry, Peaches & Wine equals Delicious. Great summer party wine that everyone will enjoy.
Fall Harvest (??% rs • ??% abv) An apple cinnamon wine.
(2.5% RS • 11% ABV) White Zinfandel with hints of exotic fruits. Pairs well with pasta, fish, pork and lamb.
Chocolate Covered Raspberries (10% RS • 14% ABV) The perfect dessert wine.
Moscato (2.5% RS • 12% ABV) Easy drinking, light white wine. Pairs well with spicy Asian foods and cheese.
Steam Engine White (5% RS • 11% ABV) Fume Blanc slightly oaked with a crisp fresh finish. Pairs well with fish, cheese and sushi.